I am a student and do not have debit or credit card. How I can buy your tutorial?

Either give order online by COD (cash on delivery- through courier)/ VPP mode (by post) then pay at the time of delivery in cash.


How many payment option we have?

(a) Advance payment - online through net banking, debit card or credit card (presently credit card not available) or mobile payment or by sending DD (b) COD/ VPP (cash at the time of

My friend told me about your site and I don’t have internet access. How I can order offline?

Just make a DD in name of Sakshi International of said amount + Rs. 100/- shipping chage and write on back side of DD - tutorial name, your name, your mobile number and your complete address. Then call us or send to us. After clearing payment you will get the order.


In how many days I will receive order?

Normally it takes 7-10 days except few exceptions.


Tutorial consists of what content?

These tutorials are in form of video or audio


To whom these tutorials are for?

Any student or Professional or hobbyists, who wish to learn to succeed in life.


Which player needed to see these video?

VLC player is the best.


Who can be partner with you?

Anyone, who have desire & can create effective content in limited words - teachers, professors, professionals (marketing, Finance, doctors, engineers) or anyone who has knowledge on any particular subject or article and can make a good tutorial on any subject or article.


I am a teacher wish to make tutorials on my subject to make money, how much opportunity I have?

At present you teach 10<50<100 students annually, when going online with us. Can sell 1 lac or 10 lacs or 10 crore or 1000 crores (depends on content & quality on international parameter as competition also will be much higher). Think a fraction of same can make you very rich beyond your expectations. Yet we don’t commit any guarantee.
First send content in form of ppt (power point presentation) with your voice sample narration in CD/ DVD, if our Evaluation Team find useful then we will guide you further…(only legal content allowed, copyright content strictly no )


Which subject or article is good to make tutorial?

Anything which you know & is useful for people. Subjects are common as they are inevitable need of education system. One day people will buy a video tutorial to learn mobile functions or doctor can create PPT video for patient to guide or guidelines to stay away from one disease.


How video tutorials are effective as books are available in market plenty?

Books run in few hundred pages, its tedious task to read whole and then remember everything in order. As per research audio & visuals are more effective then reading and retained long in memory. Video runs in smaller parts so person can see one part daily or as per his convenience. Specially, software tutorials are easy to understand in audio & visual else it’s not easy to understand through books. Videos are more effective and most sought…to learn.


Why tutorials are more success than physical instructor?

Teacher or instructor is an individual, can have limitation in knowledge or can be biased being an individual. But tutorials are created by an expert team. Team gives best than an individual teacher.


I have recording and editing experience of audio or video, how can I earn?

Send your curriculum, infrastructure details and content in CD/DVD to review your quality. If selected then we will guide you to become partner in our success.


How I can become partner?

Send details to us about your experiences in a curriculum and send a content to see the quality. After review if get selected then we will guide further to bring you on our board to make success with us.


A subject I wish to choose is already there on your site for sale, what should I do now?

No issue, just create your best and send us. Whatever is best will sell more & best price and we will offer best of all.


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